Arabic, Current Language Situation

learn arabic image More then 200 million persons - from Oman till Morocco - do speak Arabic; it is the sixth world language. The written language, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), is the same in all Arabic speaking countries. MSA has got the grammar of the Classical Arabic as the starting point and is mainly used by educated Arab people. It is de language that is being used in newspapers, literature, official speeches, the news broadcasts on radio en television. Every Arab has to learn MSA at school: it is nobody’s mother tongue. The Arabic dialects or colloquials are roughly to be divided in 5 groups, in order of being nearest to the Modern Standard Arabic.
1. Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, Yemen
2. Iraq
3. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel/Palestinian territories
4. Egypt, Northern Sudan, West Saudi Arabia
5. Libia, Tunesia, Algeria, Morocco and Malta


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